Fresh Fitness Food's CEO, Caspar Rose. The Power of Confidence and Hard Work in Achieving Success.

A conscious conversation with Fresh Fitness Food's CEO, Caspar Rose. In this episode, we are guided through his journey of scaling the rapidly growing bespoke nutritional business, Fresh Fitness Food, and the power of confidence and passion in the path to success. 

Caspar Rose, Chief Executive Officer of Fresh Fitness Food, the company creating a healthier England through convenience and bespoke nutrition. The tech-first, personalised meal delivery service is on a mission to create both healthy bodies and healthy communities. Caspar started at Fresh Fitness Food whilst working as a chef in Michelin Starred kitchens. He transitioned his (7 year) career in commercial kitchens, driven by a passion for fitness, fresh produce and building strong teams.

Fresh Fitness Food started scaling in 2015 after leaving the Nottinghill flat where it all began. They now deliver over 100,000 meals a month across the UK and have invested £2,000,000 in their technology platform that makes it all happen, LAVO+.


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