About Us

An unlikely friendship that shares a love of fashion and making the world a nicer place led to the founding of Conscious Citizen.

After many conversations on the fact that a lot of the information that we have been seeing surrounding sustainability in fashion really punishes the modern day consumer, we wanted to create a world that encourages progress and a shift in consumer mindset. We believe in educating ourselves on the topic and a one step at a time approach. This will long term have a greater impact and instill a sustainable lifestyle. we all know crash diets don't work. It's all about changing your habits and taking small steps for a healthier lifestyle to achieve a greater goal. Similarly, there is no drastic overnight solution to sustainability. It takes a collective effort of small changes that have a big impact.

With a change in perspective, comes a change in your actions. Changing the way we shop contributes to slowing down the currently fast paced fashion industry and it's negative impact on our planet. 

Our mission is to reframe consumers mindsets and create a positive view of the fashion industry in relation to sustainability and style. We have defined this through our four circular pillars. The Conscious Citizen, The Conscious Consumer, Love & Care for your items, Up-cycle, Recycle, Resell. 

We aim to curate a platform to inspire and create a conscious citizen. Join us on our journey.

 Light & Love, 

Maria & Yulia