Conscious Partners: Our items are housed at select stores to help reduce our carbon footprint & expand our Citizen community. 


FORM: Located in San Diego, CA, USA. FORM are an online boutique that houses highly curated, quality clothing that is made to be lived in. They pride themselves in only stocking ethical, sustainable, or socially good brands because believe in living fast and dressing slooowww. FORM is for the conscientious consumer. The game changers. The ones looking for a way to do better for this world and the people in it.


THE YOGA SHED: Located in Hertfordshire, England.  The Shed is a yoga studio that's so much more. Their ethos are based around the concept of 'With Strength and Grace,' enfolding that Yoga encourages us to find physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. The Shed is a passionate space offering therapies, classes, coffee, and conscious items to shop.