Cocoon (Care After Care) x Green Friday 2022

Cocoon, Care After Care x Conscious Citizen 
This Green Friday weekend (25th-28th November), we invite you to be part of our #CAREFORCITIZENS campaign & share our mission to collectively create a positive change. 
For every order placed Friday, 25th November to Monday, 28th November, Conscious Citizen will donate an item from our Citizen Collection to Cocoon - Care After Care for their Christmas Day Dinner gifting. Your conscious purchase this Green Friday weekend will ensure that a young adult leaving care will receive a Christmas gift this year and know that there is care after care. Shop to participate in #CAREFORCITIZENS. 

Cocoon, Care After Care

Cocoon exists to enhance the quality of life of young adults who have grown up in the care system. We provide financial and practical assistance to improve current circumstances, future opportunities and build a community around them – somewhere they belong and can turn to in times of need, as a
non-care experienced person might turn to family. For example, we help improve living conditions, support aspirations, reduce feelings of isolation, alleviate hardship and provide the tools to navigate through everyday stresses and strains. 

Our flagship project is a Christmas Day Dinner,where 55 care experienced adults, who would otherwise have spent the day alone, come together for a magical day with all the festive trimmings. A chef-prepared traditional dinner, games and entertainment, good company and of course presents! We don’t aim for just ‘good enough’ we go for top quality on everything to make them feel special, give them the day they deserve and create some Christmas memories to cherish. As well as the Christmas Dinner, which is now in it’s 6th year, we improve living conditions by helping them do up their flats, support their aspirations by funding vocational courses and driving lessons and we help young parents provide what they need for their children. And much more!

Why care leavers? Leaving care can be an extremely difficult and isolating time. Care leavers are thrust into independence at a much younger age than their non-care experienced peers. They are expected to manage adult life, often without a support network, while dealing with the effects of trauma experienced during childhood.

We are a registered charity (no. 1197058) in South West London. We began as a voluntary community group that has been organising the Richmond Christmas Day Dinner since 2017. We have been able to start supporting care leavers all year round thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We are run by volunteers, including those with care experience themselves, who are committed to improving the lives of care leavers.

Our Vision
To build a supportive community around care experienced young adults that they can rely on in times of need.

Our Mission
Cocoon, Care After Care exists to improve the quality of life for care leavers by providing financial assistance and practical support.

Our Values
Kindness - Kindness is the beating heart of Cocoon and demonstrates what can be achieved when people show genuine care for each other, even if they have never met. This is never more evident than in the organisation of the Christmas Day Dinner.
Empowering - We seek to empower care leavers to recognise their worth. We respect and support the decisions they make about their life. We give them a seat at the table acknowledging that they are the experts in their own
Connection - Through human connection we strive to reduce isolation felt by many care leavers, thus providing the
sense of belonging that is vital to our well-being.
Approachability - We are a friendly organisation with a love of meeting new people and hearing new ideas. We work hard to build trust and form positive relationships with the young adults we serve, those close to them, and the
community that supports our mission.
Commitment - Our commitment to care leavers is unwavering. We will always strive to find ways of removing obstacles in the way of care leavers fulfilling their potential and leading healthier and happier lives.


Learn more about Cocoon, Care After Care here.